About us

Astronomy on Tap Leiden is organized by professional astronomers connected to Leiden Observatory. Questions or suggestions? Email us!

Our current team members are:

  • Anniek Gloudemans
  • Aida Ahmadi
  • Andrés Pérez-Sánchez
  • Marta Frias Castillo
  • Michelle Willebrands
  • Stella Reino
  • Zuzanna Kostrzewa
  • Willeke Mulder
  • Veronica Saz
  • Zhenlin Zhu
  • Rens Kievit
  • Elina Kleisioti
  • Núria Barris
We thank former team members Wendy Williams, Syeda Lammim Ahad, Eleonora Zari, Merel van 't Hoff, Maaike Van Kooten, Vincent Van Eylen, Francisca Concha Ramirez, Yanett Contreras, Liz Guzman, Arun Kannawadi, Mohammad Javad, Alexander Mechev, Themiya Nanayakkara, Carmen Toribio, Sofia Sarperi, Aayush Saxena, and Santiago Torres. We're grateful to many members of the staff at Sterrewacht Leiden for valuable help and financial support. Our events would not be possible without the wonderful team at Grand Cafe De Burcht.

Astronomy on Tap was originally created in New York City by Meg Schwamb and now contains satellite locations around the world.